All-fiber dual-frequency Raman laser for terahertz telecommunication systems




stimulated Raman scattering, fiber Bragg grating, fiber laser, laser cavity, pump power, threshold power, telecommunication systems, terahertz range


The two-wave (2λ) fiber laser based on the stimulated Raman scattering is proposed in order to improve terahertz technologies realization and to increase the efficiency of radiation sources for telecommunication systems in the terahertz range. As a result of the analysis of the available experimental data in our work it was found that the Raman gain profile in single-mode fibers makes it possible to realize a 2λ laser in the fully fiber configuration. The main advantage of the proposed terahertz source is a significant reduction of the phase noises as it should be expected due to the both lasers will be pumped using a common source. The main parameters of the fiber Bragg gratings for 2λ laser cavity are determined and it is shown its possibility to meet the modern requirements for the monolithic integration in fully fiber device design. The possibility of reducing the threshold pump power by at least 400 times has been proved by simulating for different types
of fibers, and it will significantly lowered the weight and size characteristics of such a laser.


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