Enhanced C-band Coaxial Orthomode Transducer





orthomode transducer, C-band, wideband dual-polarized antennas, coaxial ridged waveguides, turnstile junction, antiphase power combiner, divider


Introduction. In this paper a novel configuration of wideband coherent coaxial OMT is presented.
General Design of an Orthomode Transducer. The OMT consists of elements of 3 main types: a turnstile junction between coaxial quad-ridged waveguide and 4 coaxial transmission lines; 4 coaxial transmission lines of LMR400 type; 2 antiphase power combiners/dividers.
A Turnstile Junction Optimization. The optimization of a turnstile junction has been performed. Its minimized reflection coefficient is less than −28 dB in the operation frequency band 3.4–5.4 GHz.
A Wideband Antiphase Power Combiner/Divider. The optimization of an antiphase power combiner/divider has been performed. Its minimized reflection coefficient is less than −38 dB. Characteristics of Coaxial Orthomode Transducer Developed. The simulation of OMT characteristics has been performed using CST Design Studio software.
Conclusions. A wideband coherent coaxial orthomode transducer has been developed for the operation frequency band 3.4–5.4 GHz. In this frequency band the reflection coefficient of OMT is less than −24 dB and its crosspolar isolation exceeds 38 dB. The wideband coaxial OMT developed can be used in dual-polarized multiband antennas for satellite telecommunications and for radioastronomy.

Author Biography

S. I. Piltyay, National Technical University of Ukraine, Kyiv Politechnic Institute, Kiev

Postgraduate student


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